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I like the new door and jack shaft operator, it's quick and quite. I was happy with the price and it was very competitive and I felt a better value then the other quotes I received. The guys that installed it were knowledgeable, friendly and I had confidence in their abilities to install the door correctly. My only complaint would be in the finish work. When they were removing the old door they put a 6" dent and scratch in the flashing around the door and didn't address fixing it. When I asked if they were going to fix it my answer was "we don't have paint to match it". I was very happy with the job up until this point. I had taken the time to remove the flashing prior to the new door being installed to repairing a sagging header, bowing and dents in the flashing to help with the overall appearance of the house but now although I have a good looking new door I have a large scratch in the frame. Along with that but not as important is they didn't clean the greasy hand prints off the door from the installation or inspect the door and touch up any scratches. These things may be minor but they are the difference between an ok job and a great job, which can make all the difference in todays competitive market.
robert schneider
A Response from: Steve

Thanks for the feedback. I do apologize for the mistakes that were made. I am glad that I was able to return and take care of the problems. Thank you for your business. Best regards, Steve Trotter

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